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[new piece] for 18 players (2018) [for Musikfabrik]

thane, for bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet (2016)

lyre lyre lyre, for b-flat clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, and lute (2016)

rue, increase, for eleven players (2015)

chyme, for two violas (2014)

drawn, drowned, myrrh, for bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, percussion, and musette (2014)

smothered bodies, slender bodies, for string quartet (2013)

With what weightless eyes? for solo baritone (2012)

when white still meant something, for viola, violoncello, and percussion (2011)

Grand Thoughts about Nothing, for viola and guitar, with bass flute, tuba, percussion, and double bass (2011)

Pantomime-Aria, for alto flute, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, and violoncello (2011)

(t)Taci II, for soprano and bass clarinet (2010)

Suite, for flute, English horn, viola, and violoncello (2010)

(t)Taci, for solo bass clarinet (2009)

(Self-)portrait in breaths – (R. G.), for clarinet and echo trio (viola, bass clarinet, celesta) (2009)

Obituary (“kunst”), for soprano, English horn, bass clarinet, guitar, harp, two violas, and percussion (2009)

…il pleut sur la vi(ll)e – floating (Wo)man, for soprano, bass clarinet, guitar, two violas, and percussion (2009)

Undivided Selves, for soprano, alto flute, clarinet, violoncello, and piano (2009)

Bach-kopien – „sehet”, for alto flute, bass clarinet, viola, and celesta (2009)

Melencolia I, for alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, and guitar (2009)

à R. S., for celesta solo (2008)

Lacuna, for piccolo, contrabassoon, vibraphone, and celesta (2008)

Chrysalis, for clarinet, violoncello, and piano (2007)

Che si sgretola, for flute, two clarinets, celesta, and piano (2007)


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